Creating a Photogenic Home

a Photogenic Home Decoration
For those of you who just strating a hobby of photography,  you can start photographing interesting spots in your home. For a new plan to make a new home or renovating and redecorating the house, why not make your home become a photogenic home?

Today not only a professional photographer can make interesting photographs. The more cameras on the market, the easier you get the camera and experiment with your new camera. Not to mention, every smart phones are now equipped with cameras and software for editing and manipulating photographs.

Here are some ideas that maybe you can apply in your new home blueprints. By combining photography tips, you can find a home that is not only beautiful to be photographed, but comfortable to live.
a Photogenic Home Furniture Decoration

Provide attractive wall

Occasionally, you will need a blank background. Paint your walls with colored paint or decorate a piece of firm you are with ornamental stone wall. In essence, provide attractive wall, as a location you can shoot one of your family members in front of the wall.

Note also the harmony between the color of your choice with the furniture that you had before. Even though you leave this area blank wall of the furniture, make sure the wall is still fused with the room around him.

Play with lines

Even though not a sure thing, but the lines can create interesting effects to be photographed. You do not need to be afraid to play the line. The line will "guide" people who look at your photo to focus on the subject or object that you take. You can get a line of fence, accent walls, pillars, and many other things at home.

Create a wide latitude

Capture the motion in a photograph helping emphasize the actions being taken of your family in an event or activity. Making of space makes you free to move, free to capture unique moments in your home. In other words, you do not need to make a lot of insulation in your home.

Besides being easy to move, a house without insulation will create the impression area. You can also play around with perspective, if your home is filled with insulation.

Perfect illumination

Make sure your home has good lighting in it. In the daytime, try to sunlight is enough to be the source of illumination. You can use lots of windows and light fixtures in your home for the perfect lighting in your photos.

Try using a straight or direct lighting with spotlights in the living room or family room. Also take advantage of sunlight from the window to get the silhouette effect or side effects of light.

Look around the house

In addition to inside the house, keep your garden well maintained as well. Beautify with a variety of ornamental plants, the streets of small stones, or an ornamental garden with water fountain mini.

One thing you need to remember, not large or expensive home that makes your shot a pretty sight. Carefulness you see an interesting angle, the precision you set the home, as well as "warm" condition of the house that will display in the photo.

After "dressing" your home, pick up your camera, press the shutter, and invite all your family-style in your new home that photogenic! Happy shooting!
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