What Have To Do Before Decorating

You’ve just moved into your first apartment or house. It may be old or new, in the city or in the country, large or efficient. But even though you live there, it may not yet feel like home.

What does it need? Some decorating!

You’ve come to the right place. Your About Guide to Interior Decorating will help you with ideas, pictures, community resources, and websites to help you create the home of your dreams.

So. . . let’s get started!

First of all, identify the major problems. Is the bedroom royal blue when you really want soft green? Are the floors carpeted when you've always loved hardwood? Are the windows bare and you require total privacy? Does everything need to be changed, but you have a limited budget? Or do you have sufficient financial resources but no idea what to do?

Of course, at some point you'll have to set a budget. If you're doing a complete change, it will cost more than just repainting. But even on the smallest budget, it's amazing what changes you'll be able to see.

Next, determine the scope of your project. It's helpful to decide if you're looking for an inexpensive change or a major transformation. Your ideas may go farther than your budget, but it's nice to have a plan. You can add to your project with an unexpected bonus or birthday gift.

If you're renting, try to find ways to change the look with by changing things you can take with you. Painting the walls is not expensive, but you may have to pay to paint them back when you leave. Can you achieve a transformation by changing the bed linens, putting up inexpensive curtains, or adding a few interesting accessories? You can take these with you when you move.

If you have a new house, should you concentrate on investment pieces or cosmetic changes? How long will you live in this home?

Next, try to figure out what decorating style you like. A note to the novice: I feel it’s important that your home reflect your taste and likes and dislikes. Whether it's traditional or country, Scandinavian or Contemporary, it should show who you are.

There's no one way to decorate a room. You're the boss on your decorating projects. Look in decorating magazines, ask friends, do some shopping.

Another note: a home should always be a work in progress. You'll do major work like painting, getting new furniture, or installing flooring. But you should always have room to put some wonderful lamp you find at a swap meet. Or room for a new picture once in a while. Part of the fun of travel is picking up souvenirs. It's much nicer to have a special place to put them than having to put them away in a drawer.

You've come to the right place for all your decorating projects. The articles here will give you inspiration and the web links will guide you to products and resources for all your projects.

Happy decorating!
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