American Style Interior

Comfortable atmosphere in your home can be present through the order of residential style that suits your taste and character. One that you can try is an American interior decoration.

There is an opinion, the arrangement of home-style Western, especially American, more simple and memorable warm. This arrangement not only beautiful, but also able to give a special impression on the room so it is more familiar. Well, if you want a place to live a different impression, try to apply the decoration as an alternative way to decorate the house.

Application of American style in the house really is not that difficult. One of them using stylized semicircular window accents and neutral-colored short sofa.

At first glance, American-style interior design looks further confirms what is and warmth. Style arrangement like this can generally be applied to any type of housing, both in broad and narrow land. Take for instance the arrangement in the living room.

In this section you can simply apply a neutral-colored sofa, like white or cream combined with wooden tables and short. Do not Forget to "touch" of the window so the room still get natural light as well as maintained its freshness.

"The original American style was always to use a large window in the living room. Large windows are also functions as a connecting door between the hall and gardens are not to be missed belakang.Satu again, where the fireplace.

"American-style furniture usually blends classical model, but simplified to resemble the original, such as oval and circle. Almost all the furniture is not a rigid angle. Dominant material used is the original timber with a cover of cloth or leather sofa,"

While the color selection, American style is more often apply a natural palette, such as brown and green derivative. Pick a color sample used in the living room is dominated by chocolate, from dark brown to beige. While the fresh colors such as green is more often used for applications such as carpet accessory.
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