Four Options Garden Style

If in the near future you are planning create a garden as a green oasis around the residential, there are four garden-style choices that could be an option. Four styles of these options is a grouping of various kinds of garden in broad outline, the formal gardens, informal style garden, modern look, and Japanese-style garden.

Formal Garden
The key to success is the simplicity of the formal style garden. In simple words it includes plants, ornaments, and other hard material as a filler park. Typically, for the concept of this garden using the pattern of lines and simple shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles and ellipses.

For the composition, usually filled with soil, covered with ground cover, or it could also be replaced gravel pavement. Another feature is a symmetrical formal garden, the pattern is set on a regular basis, the planting of balance between one side to the other. Trees, shrubs, and the pot is located along the trail. Most formal style gardens rely on plants because the leaves can be easily done trimming and maintenance. Sometimes, as a focal point in this garden plus a sweetener such as a pot plant that is different. Then, for ponds are usually rectangular with lines and a fountain in the middle.

Informal Garden
Informal garden style inspired by the cottage garden, the vegetables and flowers are planted in the order of interference as well as complex designs. This informal style is more comfortable than a formal garden styles tend to be rigid. However, many garden lovers make adjustments to the arrangement in order to feel comfortable and simple. Such as grouping plants as a border to form color harmony, the planting can be regular or random, but the effect is a relaxed atmosphere. Because the atmosphere relaxed, informal garden can be used as additional activities such as barbeque areas or children's playground.

Modern Look
Modern style garden is free from the grip and the rules of the park. Everyone is free to apply a form that reflects the residential gardens. If the formal style garden left to lanskaper, modern garden one can apply easily from looking at magazines or sources that discuss the garden.

In modern-style garden, potted important role. Example of terra-cotta pot was chosen, as well as galvanized and stainless steel. Plant material selected for plants that are more "fashionable" than others. Grass plants from widely applied, as well as bamboo plants, and plants varigata modern concept.

Another trend in modern garden is the use of hard material rather than the portion of the plant. Hard materials such as paving, ornaments, coral, and the footing to make garden more modern style, easy care and maintenance is minimal.

Japanese-Style Garden
Japanese garden is a garden full of calmness around him because of the nature of this garden is its simplicity, which gave rise to a sense of peace. Simplicity is prominent in the use of materials and plants. Using stones to represent mountains or islands, for example. While the gravel or sand in the garden represents a symbol of water.

Natural game is very important in Japanese-style garden. Water flow and forms a waterfall in nature as well as its original use in the garden, so similar to the swift flow of water from the mountains. Water is also represented by a small pond or water that enters the garden through the blades of bamboo. Scratching the sand represents water cycle, while cobble gravel in the middle represent the island in the middle of the water.

Inside the garden, there is little ornaments like lanterns of stone or metal. The bells are carefully placed to illuminate walkways or water, which sometimes also placed across the water to give the effect of reflection. Then, a path in the park is made of gravel or stone. Footing is generally made of boards or rocks or pieces of whole logs. There is also a bridge that is often used either as a pedestrian crossing or just imagination. Sometimes, in the garden also features a pavilion or tea house.

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