Easy Tips to Enhance The Home With Flower Motif

Summer trend is identical to the motif of interest. Floral trend not only be applied to fashion design, but also the decor.

Feel of romantic florals, fresh, beautiful and sweet in the room. Here's an easy way to decorate the house with the element of interest, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Wallpaper
Lining the walls with wallpaper is the most practical way to bring the element of interest into the room, and make your home more beautiful in an instant. You can choose from small or large flower motif, to the elegant lilies. Please note, select the motif according to the area of ​​the room. Small motifs and large for a small room for a wider space. Avoid selecting a full-motif wallpaper and dark in a small room because it will make it look narrower.

2. Sofa
Bored with black leather sofa, brown or maroon plain? Try Spice up the room with a floral sofa. No need to buy a set and replace the old couches just to refresh home decor. Simply place a small sofa floral color matching to existing furniture and room decorations matching the theme. Living room or your family will look more sleek and elegant at once.

3. Decorative Pillows
Decorative pillow is an essential element in managing the room. For a room that is more beautiful and fresh, use floral pillowcase. If you want a more unique impression, choose a pillowcase with a different motif, but still in a single color theme. But limit the placement, not too much to put decorative pillows in one room because it will look 'busy'. Just use a maximum of four decorative pillows.

4. Curtain
Another element which is suitable to decorate the house with flowers are blinds or curtains. Leave the first plain curtain, replace it with brightly colored floral curtains. For the living room, choose a slightly darker color with a small floral and rarely to make a sofa and other home accessories appear more prominent. While for the bedroom, use curtains with softer colors.

5. Sheets
Want a more beautiful room, but too busy to redecorate? Use sheets and pillowcases have floral designs. Choose contrasting colors with a palette of dark, while light-colored floral patterns. For example, the base color while the deep red bedspreads floral yellow or pale green base color while orange flowers. The result, your bedroom will look bigger, brighter and fresher.

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