Creative Ideas Designing Corridor Home

Serves as a liaison between the room, like a neglected corridor functions. This area is as empty and not get a touch of interior because of the limited area of ​​the room.

In fact, when processed, the corridor as a circulation path can help create a better impression for residents or guests.

Walk through the corridor becomes more enjoyable. To change the looks, you must re-consider the real function of the corridor.

Because at least, there are three ideas to maximize the function of the corridor, which is building a new atmosphere, as a storage place, or give the impression area.

Building a New Atmosphere
To build a new atmosphere in the corridors, you need to specify in advance, such as giving a different color on the floor, adding lighting on the ceiling, or provide decoration on the wall. Choose one of these to build a more dramatic feel. If you want to add furniture to the corridor, you need to consider whether the furniture will not interfere with access for residents.

In addition, to build a bright impression for the sake of eliminating the cramped, you can use a brightly colored carpet. If the pale color options, mix with a door painted with bright colors and inviting.

As a Storage
If by chance you enough to load corridor furniture, should be doubled as a storage function. For example, using a bench that is not too wide. Can bench as a seat and put a magazine or a book.

You can put up shelves on the walls of the corridor, if not impossible to bring the bench. Shelves made ​​from multiplex relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Shelves can be used to put family photos or other accessories. You could also put a console table with an elegant design or castor with shelves or drawers for storing goods.

Gives The Impression Area
Function as a connecting line that does not mean between the room can not perform extensive corridor. Put just a big mirror above the console, it will give the illusion of space with a spacious impression. Or, you install one of the walls with mirrors to reflect the impression of the room is long and wide.

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